Workshop to focus on standardising public transport ticketing

By Sean Carroll / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A public workshop in San Sebastian (Spain) will explore how new ticketing technologies, such as smart cards, can improve public transport and drive greater usage.
Across Europe, travellers are often deterred from taking public transport in other regions due to a lack of knowledge of ticketing and payment procedures. This public workshop, organised by the SITE project, will explore ticket standardisation as a means to make public transport more accessible to visitors.

The project is comprised of six cities from the Atlantic Area, each aiming towards regional ticket interoperability. These cities are examining the opportunities for interoperability offered by new technologies, focusing their work on the identification of barriers and levers in terms of fare systems, technology for communicating, and so on.

The public workshop will present the different payment systems and urban mobility schemes in Nantes, Liverpool, Dublin, Gijón and San Sebastian. Workshop participants will have the chance to discuss the experience of the SITE partners and network with other stakeholders. All debates will be available in Basque, Spanish and English via simultaneous translation.

To register for the workshop, click here.
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