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Wirelessly charging electric buses for London (United Kingdom)

By Alexia / Updated: 10 Mar 2015

London's public transport operator, Transport for London (TfL), has announced that from September 2015 the city will become world's first capital to trial wirelessly charging electric buses.

A current trial being conducted by TfL and the Transport Research Laboratory (TRL) has been taking place in Milton Keynes (United Kingdom) for six months and has so far proved successful.

’It’s going very well in Milton Keynes,’ said Denis Naberezhnykh, TRL’s head of low carbon vehicle and ITS technology. ‘There is a combination of new technologies in there – chargers and new buses. It’s all being integrated for the first time and so the reliability is improving all the time.’

London is one of six locations around Europe where different types of electric bus technologies are being trialled, as part of a large European project called ZeEUS (Zero Emission Urban Bus Systems). London, however, is the only city to be using wireless power transfer.

‘The latest information that we have is that three vehicles are going to be launched in September. The point is to see how they cope as part of a regular route. They’ll be in operation among all the other buses and subjected to the same kind of load and time schedules,’ said Naberezhnykh.

For more information, visit the Traffic Technology Today website.

Photo by Sou'wester/CC BY-NC

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commented 4 years 3 months ago

Next to the buses in Milton Keynes, the technology is used since 2002 in Turin and Genua (Italy), and from 2010 in Utrecht city (the Netherlands).
TfL will use the technology to charge the hybrid double decker with BAE driveline and so further minimize emission from the diesel engine.

commented 4 years 3 months ago

Of course this technology is already used elsewhere - the PR trick is to say it will be the first CAPITAL city. But even this seems to be wrong, since Berlin's BVG bus line 204 is going "on-line" in summer 2015 with Bombardier's Primove system. Sorry England.