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Wirelessly charged electric buses operating in Milton Keynes (UK)

By News Editor / Updated: 04 May 2017

Eight Wrightbus StreetLite electric buses are now in operation along a route in Milton-Keynes as part of a multi-stakeholder project.

Leaving the depot at 6am, the buses can travel a maximum of 190 miles and return at 23:30 with at least 40% of their charge remaining. Each week around 17,000 passenger journeys are completed with the electric vehicles.

In addition to charging overnight at a depot, the buses are also topped up at bus stops and at the end of their routes. When the bus stops on top of a charging plate, the driver lowers a plate located on the bottom of the bus. The two plates do not touch, but rather rely on a magnetic charge to charge the battery.

This on-the-go charging allows the route to operate with only electric buses the entire day.

At the depot, buses are 'tricklecharged' overnight at 20 kW, the minimum charge. Thanks to this low charge, an additional electrical substation was not required at the debot, which is often the case at locations that charge multiple electric buses.

Battery packs are one of the main costs of the vehicle and were initially estimated to last five years before requiring replacement. But at present they appear to be lasting longer - a significant gain for operators.

For more information, visit cbi.org.uk

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