Walking initiative Wild Urb” encourages slowing down (Austria)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 23 Sep 2014
The Viennese initiative “Wild Urb” aims to encourage people to experience the city and its treasures from the view of a pedestrian and to link like-minded people within an “open source” network.
Speed shapes our live in many fields. By the thrill of speed, values like health, freedom and environment are harmed and many interesting aspects of a city stay undiscovered. The Viennese initiative “Wild Urb” invites people to experience the extraordinary points of the city and its small, hidden details from the view of a pedestrian.

“Wild Urb” is a community that encourages their members to slow down and to share their highlights of the city with other like-minded people. Therefore, in 2010 an application for smartphones was launched. With this app members are able to track their walking routes and to count their steps. Member can post their routes on Facebook or Twitter to share their walks with others. “Wild Urb” members have competitions about which member gathers the most steps. In the future there are plans to walk for charity. In 2010 also the book “Vienna goes” was published where 25 exceptional walks and 30 outstanding places were presented. As a positive side effect “Wild Urb” fosters the cheapest mode of traffic and contributes to improving social health and helps to reduce emissions.

Source: Wildurb (in German)
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