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Volkswagen launches electromobility car-sharing scheme 'We Share' in Berlin

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 04 Sep 2018

Under the sub-brand, We Share, Volkswagen are set to introduce a city-level car-sharing scheme, which utilises entirely electric vehicles (EVs). 

Berlin is the first city selected for the scheme roll-out, with a total 1,500 e-Golfs available when the scheme commences. This will be followed by 500 e-up! vehicles in the second quarter of 2019. From 2020, the plan is to replace these vehicles with models from the new VW I.D. range.

Through this scheme, VW is aiming to highlight the benefits of electromobility and encourage citizens to gain an interest in clean vehicles. In addition, VW aims to utilise 'We Share' as a platform to promote the release of the entirely electric I.D. range. The 'We Share' scheme will provide customers with immediate access to EVs at any time of the day. VW also aims to provide 'micromobility' solutions, through the provision of smaller vehicles, as the scheme progresses.

After 'We Share' is launched in Berlin, the scheme will be extended to other cities in Germany. The scheme will also be released in major cities in Europe and North America from 2020. 

The full news article can be viewed here.

(First issued by Volkswagen on 23/08/2018).

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