'Virtual bays' system to be trialled in London (UK)

By News Editor / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Trials of a new system that allows ‘virtual bays’ or kerbside space to be booked in advance by commercial operators will take place in London this summer. The system will reduce congestion, improve traffic flow and reduce CO2 emissions.
A number of London boroughs will take part in a one month trial of a Virtual Parking Solution (VPS) this summer. The VPS allows commercial operators to book ‘virtual bays’ by a GPS system installed in the vehicles which recognises the bays using accurate, real-time GPS telemetry. This will therefore allow operators to avoid parking fines and reduce their administration burden as well as improving traffic flow, reducing congestion and cutting CO2 emissions by effectively managing the kerb-space.

The VPS was designed by Neil Herron of Activ8 in partnership with technology firm Northgate Arinso after ‘proof of concept’ trials with the DHL tradeteam and Westminster. Herron described the concept as “The best way to visualise the system is to imagine an air traffic control system for roads, which can then be grown to include ‘virtual electric vehicle’ bays and assist blue badge holders with parking options.”

Other councils in the UK are looking at adopting the Virtual Parking Solution (VPS) as part of a Sustainable Transport Fund bid.

Source: Parking Review Issue 228 3rd March 2011
United Kingdom
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