Utrecht purchases new electric buses (Netherlands)

By News Editor / Updated: 19 Oct 2016

The city of Utrecht has purchased the first of 10 new electric buses as part of its efforts to further green its public transport fleet.

The 12-metre electric buses will be used to create an all-electric bus line by spring 2017, replacing the existing 10 diesel buses that currently operate on Line 1 of the city’s bus service.

The purchase is a joint initiative between the Utrecht public transport bus provider, Qbuzz, the municipality, and the province.  All three have jointly invested € 4 million for the operational costs of the new buses.

The buses will save the city 900 tonnes of CO2 a year, and are charged using a reversed pantograph - a pantograph that descends from the charging station onto the bus. All of the energy used to power the buses comes from Dutch wind turbines.

The buses can feed back their stored electricity into the grid during the evenings when there is a peak in the current draw on the power grid – a unique feature for the Netherlands

In April last year, the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment pledged to ensure that all new buses in the Netherlands will be zero emissions vehicles from 2025.

For more information, visit provincie-utrecht.nl (in Dutch).

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