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UK seeks expertise on last mile deliveries

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 15 Aug 2018

The UK Department for Transport has opened a call to collect experience, evidence and expertise on how last-mile delivery services in commercial and residential areas can be made more sustainable.

In 2016, van traffic in the UK grew almost five percent due to internet shopping and the growth of home deliveries, adding to pollution and congestion in urban areas.

The call specifically addresses e-cargo bikes, micro vehicles and low emission vans and trucks. Their roll-out faces a range of barriers, including higher costs for electric vehicles and higher labour costs for cargo bikes operation. For some electric vehicles, such as e-cargo bikes, the limited capacity affects their efficiency. Insurances, licensing, training and new ways of business are also obstacles to their deployment.

In addition to looking at vehicle types and technologies, the call notes that current infrastructure (such as large out-of-town warehouses), have not been designed for logistical efficiency.

Experts can submit their response until 10 September 2018.

Find the call here

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