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Treasure hunt on Barcelona’s public transport system (Spain)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
For the 23rd year the Barcelona metropolitan transport authority organises a treasure hunt (gymkhana) on its transport system. This initiative aims at promoting public transport use among teenagers.
The gymkhana of TMB (Transport Metropolità de Barcelona), the Barcelona metropolitan public transport company, is a competition in which participants travel through the city on public transport solving questions and overcoming obstacles.

Each spring a new gymkhana is realised in Barcelona, which is open to everybody, but mostly attended by teenagers. In the 23rd edition, up to 1000 teams are allowed to take part, each team consisting of 4 members. At the start the teams get instructions on the route and clues on the obstacles they will have to overcome and the items they will have to find. The better they perform the more points they get. Additional points can be gained by dressing up according to the predetermined leitmotiv, which this year is “piece of art”, i.e. a symbolic scene or a scene from history, or mythology.

The teams get free tickets for travelling on all TMB public transport and are allowed to have a back-up team, provided they do not use cars or motorbikes during the competition.

Source:BCN (in English, also available in Catalan and Spanish)

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