Toronto's free biking app helps urban planners and cyclists (Canada)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
An app launched on 20 May in Toronto provides city officials with up-to-date information on bike traffic and offers cyclists data about their cycling performance.
Individual cyclists can get helpful data on their routes, average speed, distance and their savings of greenhouse gas emissions from cycling, while helping Canada's largest city to develop its overall cycling plan.

The information collected by the app will help to determine where high demand exists on cycling routes and identifying how to better link neighbourhoods. It will also track how cyclists adapt to changes to cycling infrastructure over time.

A central database collects the anonymous information submitted by users of the app and is maintained by city staff. It will then be analysed and incorporated into the city's plan to expand upon existing cycling networks. No data can be sent to the database without explicit permission from a user.

For more information, visit CBC's website.

Photo: Robert Thomson, Flickr
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