Toolbook to promote eco-mobility (Canada)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A practical online “how-to” book has been developed to promote eco-mobility.
Published by the Canadian Ministry of Municipal Affairs (Mamrot), the guide presents the advantages of eco-mobility, including a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, increased health and safety, decreased energy consumption and improvement of the quality of environment and life.

It also highlights the capacity of towns to deploy different modes of transport such as walking, bicycle, public transport and car, and the means to integrate them in the development of a municipality. The many factors which make it possible to develop an environment favouring eco-mobility are outlined: the development of short distance towns that link density, diversity of uses and continuity of urbanised areas, the development of quarters, and the construction of circulation roads dedicated to active transport.

A tools section indicates several means of supporting these actions at the different stages of planning, through communication and financing.

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