Sweden encourages urban ‘mobilists’ to switch to sustainable modes of transport

By Ralf Tinga / Updated: 01 Jun 2018


If Sweden wants to reach its climate targets for 2030, every third car must be removed from its major cities, according to the Swedish Transport Administration, Trafikverket. A move to other modes of transport is also needed because of the large amounts of urban space that cars occupy when driving or when parked.

To encourage citizens to choose other options, Gröna Bilister (Green Motorists) has issued a guide ‘Mobilist – Good Ideas for Motorists’. The guide gives recommendations and background information on topics such as cycling, electric bikes, carpooling, the costs of car ownership, 'Mobility as a Service' and the amount of space that different modes of transport use.


To explain this attitude change, the organisation has invented a new word: ‘mobilist’. The word is meant to illustrate a new mentality: the mobilist is not stuck in car dependency, but uses a bike, public transport or Mobility as a Service where possible.

Trips shorter than five to ten kilometres can be replaced by more resource-efficient and climate-savvy alternatives. In the end, drivers will benefit from uncongested roads when they really need the car.

The guide, funded by the Trafikverket, is available here.

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