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SUMP ambassadors share their knowledge of SUMP implementation

By Robert Pressl / Updated: 06 Dec 2018
Separate cycle lane in Paris

CIVITAS PROSPERITY has released new interviews with SUMP ambassadors who describe the measures they have developed to implement exemplary sustainable urban management plans. The SUMP ambassadors each bring a unique perspective to the subject.

Polona Demšar Mitrović is from the Slovenian Ministry of Infrastructure and talks about the planning and implementation of developing an updated SUMP supporting program - a measure that is currently underway.

Paris' Deputy Mayor Christophe Najdovski talks about the sustainable urban mobility policy of his city.

Gerd-Axel Ahrens, Professor for Transport Planning at the Technical University of Dresden and former Head of Bremen's Department of Transportation talks about SUMP supporting activities in Germany, existing barriers and strategies for sustainable mobility in cities and regions.

All interviews are accessible via http://sump-network.eu/ambassadors/

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