Special button for blind passengers on Krakow’s trams (Poland)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Since mid-February blind passengers on Krakow’s public transport have been able to test a door sound system for easy location of the entrance. The aim is to make getting on the trams easy for all travellers.
Krakow’s public transport company has installed the special sound button on one of its trams. The usability of the system is being tested by blind children, to whom it is dedicated. Thus far, the system has been found effective in improving the ease of getting on the tram. If further tests confirm the first results, the technology will be introduced on all trams and buses in the city. The button is located at doors which are dedicated to people with sight limitations, among others.

Currently all of Krakow’s buses and 50% of its trams are at least partly low-floor. Extra signing is planned to clearly indicate all doors which are easily accessible for people with mobility limitations. This will be especially useful on vehicles which have, for example, only one low-floor entrance.

Source:Krakow Gazeta (in Polish)

Photo Source: Krakow Gazeta
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