Spanish supermarket chain introduces low emission home delivery

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 02 Sep 2019

A Spanish supermarket chain, Alcampo, has teamed up with a local startup company, Revoolt, to offer its customers a low emission home delivery service in the northern Spanish city of Logroño. 

The new home delivery service will cover Alcampo's 12 supermarkets in the middle-sized city of Logroño will consist of zero or low emission vehicles, operated by Revoolt. The latter's mission is to provide sustainable mobility solutions for last mile logistics. The vehicles that will make up the home delivery service range from tricycles and mopeds for short distances up to electric and gas vans for medium distances.

"With the incorporation of the Alcampo de Logroño stores, there are currently forty supermarkets with a sustainable home delivery service, contributing to the fight against climate change", stated by Mr Luis Mariano Gómez, Director of Customer Relations, Services and Savings Banks at Auchan Retail España. The use of more eco-friendly delivery vehicles in 28 of Alcampo's supermarkets has avoided the emission of 4.5 tons of CO2 in the atmosphere, in one year.

Low emission home deliveries are gaining more and more attention from big companies, logistics providers and local administrations across the continent, as recently shown also by the European project Buyzet. Read the full story, click here.

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