Sofia signs deal for e-ticketing revolution

By Francesco Ripa / Updated: 23 Jan 2019

Sofia has just signed a EUR 42.5 million contract for the introduction of smart e-ticketing in public transport. The project is financed by the Center for Urban Mobility, Sofia’s municipal company in charge of public transport.

The ambitious project includes the equipping all 1 350 vehicles in Sofia with 7 500 electronic ticket validation devices. E-ticket will replace the paper tickets that are currently in use. In addition, a video surveillance system will be installed on all buses, trams, trolleys and subways. The introduction of smart e-ticketing in Sofia marks a revolution in the way people access public transport. The new electronic ticket will allow a one-way trip in more than one means of transport. E-tickets will be stored on mobile phones or bank cards and it will be possible to purchase them online, thus avoiding queues and delays. 

The system will also benefit the Center for Urban Mobility, allowing it to gather real-time data on the number of passengers in each vehicle. This will lead to an optimisation of travel schedules and more information to better plan the service. The Sofia Center for Urban Mobility announced that it would introduce smart e-ticketing back in 2016 and the award of a contract to a consortium led by Computernet Services, a Bulgarian firm specialised in technological solutions for mobility, is the last major step that will allow the implementation of the system to be completed this year. 

The introduction of transport innovations that enhance the local mobility and economy and more integrated and accessible transport systems are both key objectives stated in Sofia’s Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan. The Plan is currently being developed and will set the city’s strategy for the improvement of mobility in the period 2018-2030.

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