Smartphone application to facilitate transport in Isere (France)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A new application has made it possible to access information on different means of transport in France by Smartphone.
Until now no Smartphone application has offered multimodal information at the scale of a 'Département” in France. The General Council of Isere, which covers an area with more than 1 million inhabitants, is thus the first to produce a smartphone application which facilitates transport in a whole Département. The multimodal information integrates the bus services of Isere but also the urban networks of Grenoble, Voiron and Vienne.

The application allows users to locate bus stations, obtain timetables, calculate routes and even get information about local transport conditions. It also integrates road information, such as by specifying the state of major traffic routes.

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