Slovak government launches EV subsidies

By News Editor / Updated: 29 Nov 2016

The Slovak government is providing financial support to citizens wishing to buy an electric or hybrid vehicle.

Announcing the plans on 11 November, Slovakia's minister of the economy, Peter Ziga, said that the fund totals € 5.2 million and that the programme would be active only until the end of next year or the exhaustion of the funding.

The maximum amount of support available to individuals to buy fully electric cars is €5 000.

For those wanting to purchase a plug-in hybrid, a subsidy of €3 000 is available. The public, business entities, as well as towns and villages, are able to apply for the funding.

The initiative is being conducted in co-operation with the country's Automotive Industry Association (ZAP).

In Slovakia there are currently only about 1 000 registered electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Officials say that the high costs and technological limitations such as range or inadequate charging infrastructure are barriers to wider take-up.

'We are happy that, together with the Ministry of Economy, we have found a way to move forward, as in many EU countries,' said the president of ZAP, Juraj Sinay. 'We believe that this activity will help boost the synergy and expansion of [electric vehicle] charging infrastructure.'

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Image copyright: Electric Car Charging (image on Flickr) by "xlibber", licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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