Slovak government develops national cycling strategy

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Aiming to increase the provision of cycling infrastructure in the country as well as stimulate cycle tourism, Slovakia has developed a long term plan to support these objectives.
Seeking to emulate the impressive daily cyclist numbers in the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany, Slovakia has developed a strategy to implement concrete measures that will promote cycling both as a form of transportation and as a recreational activity. Additionally, a National Cycling Officer has been appointed, as well as eight Regional Cycling Officers, who are responsible for coordinating efforts to improve the cycling landscape around the country.

Currently, Slovakian cycling infrastructure is underdeveloped in most cities. This is primarily a result of urban development schemes failing to take into account cycling infrastructure requirements. Parking and public transport facilities for cyclists are also insufficiently developed. There is, however, a nation-wide network of 10 000 km of marked cycle routes which could be expanded further into urban areas.

The strategy will support Slovakia's broad goals of ensuring balanced and sustainable development in mobility, so that quality of life for Slovakian citizens will increase. The cycling strategy intends to make cycling a regular part of urban and regional transportation systems, and to mainstream cycling as a mode of mobility, both for commuting and recreation.

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Photo: News Oresund, Flickr
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