Shared space street opens in the port of Felixstowe (UK)

By News Editor / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A new shared space street has been opened on a main shopping street in the Suffolk port town of Felixstowe at a cost of £850, 000 (€1 million).
A shared space street was created by laying level grey block paving across a 220-metre section of Felixstowe's main shopping street, previously open to moving traffic and parked cars. Darker grey blocks indicate zones for disabled parking and loading while a two-metre wide area adjacent to the shop fronts, delineated by tactile paving, has been kept clear of street furniture to assist the blind and partially sighted.

The street is now one-way for vehicles with a speed limit of 20mph and the council offers free 30 minute parking in near by car parks.

The £850,000 (€1 million) scheme was designed by the county council and installed by in-house Suffolk Highways Contracting. Funding came from the Haven Gateway Growth Point Fund and the county council. Although this street was intended as a pilot, funding constraints mean it will be diffiult to pursue further projects in the local area in the immediate future.

Source: Transport Xtra
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