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Scottish cycle schemes awarded £3.9m funding

By Anonymous (not verified) / Updated: 27 Aug 2015

An extra £3.9m is to be invested in Scotland’s cycling infrastructure over the next two years. The money was recently announced by the Scottish finance secretary as part of an additional £21m investment in transport projects including the promotion of cycling to the public.
Nearly £500,000 will go towards providing greater cycle access to stations on the Airdrie and Bathgate railway. A further £400,000 is to be spent on increasing cycle parking at schools, to encourage more children to cycle and linking to the Community Links programme in delivering safe routes to schools throughout Scotland.

The move is designed to fast track the delivery of what is expected to become one of Scotland’s most picturesque cycling tourist routes, as well as bringing together remote communities, offering better cycle access to train stations and improving bike parking at schools.

The largest investment, of £3m, will help fund the creation of the National Cycle Network between Oban and Inverness.

Scottish transport minister Keith Brown confirmed the package as part of the “shovel-ready” economic stimulus spending announced by finance secretary John Swinney. Brown said: “2012 has been a fantastic year for cycling in Scotland with our Olympic successes and this has led to a huge surge in interest in cycling both for recreation and as a way of getting around. In the Highlands and Argyll & Bute, we are fast tracking the National Cycle Network route 78 between Oban and Inverness.

Source: Parking Review- Issue: 250

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