Review of Variable Message Signs for Cyclists in Copenhagen

By Ella Andrew / Updated: 11 Sep 2018

Copenhagen continues to act as a pioneer for safe, accessible and innovative cycling networks.  

A year ago, Copenhagen introduced Variable Message Signs (VMS) for cyclists, offering real-time data on congestion and disruptions in surrounding transport networks.

The VMS were piloted in 2017, with the aim of regulating cyclist traffic and improving the operation of Copenhagen's cycling networks, through the provision of information on collisions and congestion. The success of the pilot has been assessed through an examination of the impact of VMS on cyclist behaviour and through a questionnaire.  

Key questionnaire findings include:

  • 56% of respondents experienced congestion to a high or very high extent in the city
  • 45% of respondents felt that other cyclists were the most prominent challenge in traffic
  • 28% of respondents were willing to take a longer route to avoid congestion 

Due to inaccuracies of the objective behavioural study, the complete impact and potential of VMS are still undetermined. However, the questionnaire results display that cyclists place value in the signs.

The signs provide an innovative solution to manage congestion, an issue of clear importance to the respondents. Further developments in technology should aim to drive the efficiency, safety and reliability of cycling infrastructure, encouraging the shift towards cycling as a key mode of transportation in cities.

The full news article can be viewed here.

(First issued by the European Cyclists' Federation on 20/08/2018).

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