PrimoveCity the next generation of zero emission electric mobility

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Bombardier has announced the launch of BOMBARDIER PrimoveCity, its new e-mobility solution, together with the establishment of a new centre of competence to enable the next generation of electric mobility
PrimoveCity addresses the range and recharging constraints of electric vehicles and promises to reshape transportation by providing common technology for all forms of electric vehicles, including trams, buses, commercial vehicles, taxis and cars. The new centre of excellence is located at Bombardier’s engineering and manufacturing site in Mannheim, Germany, which will also have a state-of-the-art testing and development facility opening in September 2011. The new e-mobility centre of competence will support future partnerships, projects and opportunities in the fast moving electric mobility sector.

Having successfully demonstrated the BOMBARDIER PRIMOVE technology with a Bombardier low floor tram in Augsburg, Germany, Bombardier is now further trialling the technology with a bus on a 125-meter stretch of road in Lommel, Belgium. The success of these first two initiatives encouraged Bombardier to launch the PrimoveCity program which will provide easy urban mobility for all types of electric vehicles. This summer tests will also begin with an automobile.

PrimoveCity utilizes the PRIMOVE technology capable of providing power transfer for all electric vehicles. Using inductive energy transfer, PRIMOVE equipment mounted under the vehicle generates power from cables creating a magnetic field placed under the ground’s surface. The system only energizes when it is fully covered by the vehicle. Vehicle and wayside components are designed to meet all applicable safety standards. Reliable performance is ensured, even under adverse weather and ground conditions such as snow, rain, ice, sand or water.

Source: Euro Transport