Polish railway company PKP Cargo modernises 130 diesel locomotives. (Poland)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
PKP Cargo - Polish railway company operating goods transportation - has signed 3 contracts for modernising of 130 diesel locomotives. The aim is to reduce in fuel consumption by 30%.
The modernisation of the locomotives will be carried by two Polish companies: Newag from Nowy Sacz and PESA from Bydgoszcz at a cost of PLN 400 million (ca. €100 million). The modernised fleet will include SM42 - the classic version and dual-unit model, which is used for manoeuvre operations at stations and terminals. It will also include ST44 - used for long distance track pulling. 100 Caterpillar units will be used, that meet today’s emission and noise requirements using the fuel more efficiently.26 ST44’s made by PESA will be used on non electrified tracks. The works will also include modernisation of the cabins.

4 other dual-unit versions of SM42 will be finished by February 2012. In these locomotives a new system will allow the use of either one or two units at a time, which will effectively improve their efficiency and fuel consumption. The investment is part of the PKP Cargo strategy planned between 2011 to 2015

Source: PKP Cargo (in Polish)
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