Plovdiv opens new centre for traffic management (Bulgaria)

By News Editor / Updated: 18 Feb 2016

The municipality of Plovdiv has opened a new traffic control centre to monitor and manage the flow of vehicles in the Bulgarian city.

The new centre, opened earlier this month, is equipped with 25 workstations, 20 monitors, a large video wall and a powerful server for long-term data collection.

The system monitors 50 city intersections in real-time, with centre staff having the possibility to manually regulate traffic flow at 15 of the intersections in the event of severe congestion and accidents.

The software used in the system is reported to be the first of its kind in Bulgaria.

The council will share the centre with Plovdiv’s police department, who will monitor the total of 130 high-resolution cameras to keep track of drivers who violate traffic regulations.

The total cost of the centre is 6.22 m Bulgarian lev (€3.18 m), which included the installation of new traffic lights at 42 intersections, eight pedestrian traffic lights and the repair of sidewalks to provide an accessible environment for people with disabilities.

The improvements were part of the ‘Modernisation and development of sustainable urban transport in the city of Plovdiv’ project, a major scheme with a budget of 40.89 m lev (€20.9 m).

To watch a news report of the new centre, visit (in Bulgarian).

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