Paris launches trial of autonomous shuttle bus service

By News Editor / Updated: 18 Jul 2017

As of the beginning of July, a new driverless, electric shuttle bus service has been running in Paris. The trials are taking place in La Défense, Europe's largest business district.

Free of charge for all users, the service offers three different routes that serve the main areas of La Défense. Two of the routes will operate at 10 minute intervals at peak times during the week, whilst the third will run every 20 minutes at the weekends.

During the first three months of the trial, an operator will remain present in the vehicles. In the second phase, however, they will operate fully autonomously.

The shuttles are able to take up to 15 people and have a top speed of 45km/h, however this is often kept to 24km/h as a result of the semi-pedestrian areas in which the shuttles are navigating.

The trial is being conducted in partnership with the Paris public transport authority, with the shuttles themselves developed through a partnership between Keolis, a French company working in public transportation systems, and NAVYA, the vehicle's producers.

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Image credit: Elysées La Défense from Flickr by Guilhem Vellut under CC BY 2.0

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