OPTIMIX – The Mobility Facilitator in Strasbourg

By Hannah Figg / Updated: 14 Oct 2019

Strasbourg  is  promoting  the  implementation  of  company  travel  plans  as  part  of  the  policies  defined  in  its  Urban  Mobility  Plan. There is a free, online initiative for employers within the Strasbourg Eurometropolis which has been designed specifically to help them implement their mobility plans. The online platform, known as Optimix launched in 2015 and has since been implemented by over 40 companies.  

OPTIMIX is a free global service offering initiatives for companies, associations and administrations (private and public) in Strasbourg to help implement a mobility plan. It relies on a web platform, consisting of multiple tools, which allows for the analysis and support of partners’ mobility. It utilises  ‘soft’ techniques including coordination, communication and awareness‐raising. 

It aims to analyse and provide advice regarding home-work mobility, with an emphasis on a change of habits about travel around Strasbourg via alternative modes to the private car.

The methodology used within the platform is structured around 3 main tools:

  1. The mobility diagnosisA designed survey of employees’ travel habits
  2. Individual advice sheetsOptimix produces a mobility sheet specific to each employee, informing them about the possible routes to get to work by public transport and active modes
  3. Carpooling form The platform includes a tool to promote carpooling between companies in the same business/geographic area

OPTIMIX is important for organisations that are:

  • In the legal obligation to have a Mobility Plan
  • In the process of continuous improvement
  • Facing parking constraints
  • Facing accessibility difficulties

As of January 1, 2018, companies hosting more than 100 employees on the same site and located in a territory covered by an Urban Travel Plan (UDP) are required to implement a ‘Mobility Plan’/Corporate Travel Plan. This is a set of measures whose objective is to reduce the environmental impact of travel related to the activity of the company and administrations (particularly those of employees).

According to the law, a mobility plan must include:

  • the evaluation of the existing and planned transport offered around your company,
  • an analysis of commuting trips,
  • the development of an action plan for which it is advisable to integrate, among other things, incentives for the use of alternative modes of transport for the car alone, as well as on public transport, bicycle and carpooling

As well as the platform, OPTIMIX provides:

  • training and handling of the platform's features
  • the provision of a collective mark to communicate the commitment made to stakeholders
  • various communication and event tools to facilitate communication with employees

Key benefits

Since the website was launched in September 2015, over 40 agreements have been signed with companies and administrations. These benefits help reach key objectives with regard to EU Urban Development and the EU Urban Agenda. Some of the key benefits of the service are:

  1. Behaviour Change - Promotes behavioural change with regards to mobility and transport. It opens up and identifies better options for businesses and employees and encourages them to leave the car behind.
  2. Carbon footprint - Contributes to a reduction in Carbon Footprint for businesses and their employees.
  3. Cost & Time Savings - It is a free service that contributes to cost savings for businesses when developing their mobility plans. It also offers a time saving benefit for businesses and employees as it helps them to develop mobility plans efficiently and with ease.
  4. Sustainable Mobility - The platform can support countries and cities Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) and contributes to overall sustainable urban mobility.

Visit the website to view the Strasbourg Mobility Plan at: https://www.strasbourg.eu/optimix-le-facilitateur-de-mobilite

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