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One chipcard for public transport by end 2014 (Belgium)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
By the end of 2014 all passengers on Belgium’s public transport will have to swipe their chip card when entering buses, coaches or trains.
Recently, Flemish Minister for Transport and Public Works presented the new chip card for public transport. As of next year, all buses and trams of Flemish public transport operator De Lijn will be equipped with an in-vehicle computer and card readers for the MOBIB-card , which is already in service in the Brussels Capital Region. By the end of 2014, the whole public transport system in Belgium will have to use the chip card. The implementation in Flanders will cost €97 million.

With the introduction of an electronic devaluation system, passengers will only need one card to make use of different PT-operators (MIVB, De Lijn, TEC, NMBS). This is a big improvement, especially for those who live in Brussels and the Brussels periphery. It will also enable PT-operators to collect data anonymously in order to better adapt the system to user needs. The system will also assist the driver in making his daily journal and it offers a lot of extra information and features such as emergency calls, information about location and navigation, information about road works etc. For the traveller the system offers visual trip information and real-time travel information. Next to the classic public transport system also add-on services such as car sharing, bicycle rental and Park and Ride facilities will be offered via the MOBIB-chip card.

The majority of the €97 million of investments is need for the equipment: 4.500 in-vehicle computers, 4.500 touch screens, 12.000 contactless card readers and 65 vending machines. €22.1 million is dedicated to the maintenance of the hardware for 12 years and of the software for 5 years. The consortium responsible for the system consists of THV Prodata Systems, Prodata Mobility Systems and Fabricom GDF Suez which will also provide training for De Lijn’s personnel.

Source: Press Release Ministry of Transport and Public Works (in Dutch)
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