Nicosia plans fleet of buses for city centre (Cyprus)

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 09 Oct 2014

The capital of Cyprus intends to develop a fleet of smaller buses within the walls of the city's historic centre, with the goal of making it a car-free zone.

There are currently no bus services available within the old city, as the streets are too narrow for the current public buses. Nicosia has therefore published a tender for 13 smaller buses that will be able to carry visitors and residents around the area.

'The buses will cover the old part of the town and the objective of the plan is to make most of the historic part of a town a pedestrian area and to reduce personal car usage to the minimum,' said Aristotelis Savva, a public works official from Nicosia.

The buses are included in the Nicosia Integrated Mobility Master Plan, which aims to change the commuting habits of local residents. According to a 2013 Eurobarometer report, only three per cent of Cypriots use public transport on a daily basis.

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Photo: ModernNicosia, Wikimedia Commons

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