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New trams, buses and depot for Bratislava (Slovakia)

By Alexia / Updated: 02 Apr 2015

The City of Bratislava, with the support of the European Union, has dedicated € 115m to the purchase of 60 new bi-directional trams and several buses.

The first lot of trams has already been delivered from the Czech Republic, while more will hit the Slovakian capital’s streets in April and May, bringing the fleet to 40. The final 20 will be introduced in 2016. The addition of the new buses will bring the total number of vehicles in the fleet to 100.

All the new vehicles will be fitted with closed-circuit television cameras and air-conditioning, while the trams will have low floors.

To support the new vehicles, the modernisation of the transport depot and upgrades to the trolley buses, which have not seen improvements since their establishment in 1970, have been underway since January. A new noise-wall will reduce the disturbance to residents in the surrounding area.

For more information, visit the Bratislavske Noviny website (in Slovak).

Photo by CarolienC/CC BY-NC-ND

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