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New tariff integration scheme between bus and train in Emilia-Romagna region

By Raffaele Vergnani / Updated: 29 Aug 2018

Travelling is to become easier for thousands of commuters, students, workers and citizens living in Emilia-Romagna region who use every-day local regional trains, operated by Trenitalia and Tper.

From 1 September 2018, people who hold a monthly or annual train subscription to travel within the region, called “Mi Muovo anche in città” (I move in the city), will be allowed to travel for free on public transport buses in the ten department seats of the region, plus other three cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants (Carpi, Imola and Faenza), thanks to activation of tariff integration between train and bus. Free buses will be available to holders of Trenitalia annual or monthly season tickets for routes over ten kilometres and to holders of annual and monthly season tickets to Tper with a date prior to 1 September 2018 for the Bologna-Portomaggiore, Bologna-Vignola, Ferrara-Codigoro, Suzzara-Ferrara, Parma-Suzzara routes. 

Savings are expected to be around EUR 150 per year and should impact more than 50,000 commuters. Previously season-pass holders could access public transport buses in the main regional cities at discounted fares, but not for free. This initiative has been made possible thanks to the Region's investment of six million euros per year.

The annual and monthly season tickets for Trenitalia regional trains will also change their look: they will be no longer made with paper coupons but they will be electronic tickets loaded on the "Unica" card issued by Trenitalia or on the "Mi Muovo" card issued by local public transport companies. The introduction of the "Unica" electronic cards will initially concern annual subscriptions and will be extended to all monthlies by December 2018.

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Source: Story first published in August by Modena2000.it

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