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New report on encouraging cycling published (Denmark)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 27 Jan 2016

The Danish Cyclists' Federation has released a new report looking at how to encourage people to cycle more.

With support from Denmark's National Cycling Fund, the report aimed to identify why people choose bicycles for everyday transportation, what causes people to change their travel habits, and the obstacles that exist to making such this change. The report also offers recommendations on how to increase cycling and encourage a lasting change in travel habits.

The study found that 99 per cent of the population of Denmark consider themselves experienced cyclists, while in many cases also being motorists, public transport users and pedestrians.

However, one of the greatest barriers to cycling is appropriate infrastructure, even in bicycle-friendly Denmark. Safe, adequate infrastructure is largely available only in major cities, while small municipalities and rural areas have different conditions that must be considered.

For example, big cities have to cope with greater numbers of cyclists, while smaller ones need to provide routes over longer distances to other municipalities or transport hubs.

In the report, the Danish Cyclists' Federation recommends that municipalities co-operate more closely with different stakeholders on transportation, including different municipal departments as well as local cyclists and cycling advocates.

For more information, read the report in English or visit cyclingembassy.dk

Image copyright: Holbergsgade Cyclists (photo on Flickr) by "Tony Webster", licensed under CC BY 2.0

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