New minibuses for handicapped passengers in Brussels (Belgium)

By Admin Eltis / Updated: 07 Oct 2014

STIB-MVIB, the public transport operator for Brussels, has purchased 12 new minibuses for transporting passengers with disabilities safely and comfortably.

The new buses replace a previous fleet that STIB-MVIB had been operating since 1978, and which were in urgent need of an upgrade. The buses feature four seats with head and arm rests and a three-point seatbelt to safely secure passengers. There is also a collapsible hydraulic lift allows people in wheelchairs to enter and exit the vehicle. The fleet also features 100 taxis which provide the same service.

In 2013 the fleet carried 46 000 passengers. The long-term aim for the fleet is to perform 66 000 trips per year. Each trip costs € 1.70. Use of the vehicles is only open to disabled people with greatly reduced independence, who are registered with Belgium's federal Social Security office.

Minbuses and taxis can be booked by telephone and run from 5am until 1am Monday to Saturday. The operator then checks a journey planner to decide whether a taxi or a minibus would be most suitable option, based on factors such as destination, distance and time.

For more information, visit (in Dutch).


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