New measure encourages walking to school in Siena (Italy)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 23 Sep 2014
The city council of Siena has approved a motion on the development of walking buses to encourage parents and children to walk to school, thereby reduce air pollution.
Walking buses take the form of groups of children led by adults which follow a predetermined path with set stops. With the approval of the city council, a network of adult volunteers is now being created, involving families, teachers, and public officials.

As well as cutting traffic congestion and air pollution from transportation, the move also fosters social cohesion and a sense of participation in the community. Surveys are being conducted to engage the interest of families at 36 primary schools across the city.

City councillor Massimiliano Bruttini, who proposed the motion, said, In a healthy city it is particularly important to focus on new generations - not only in terms of environmental protection but also education. Through the implementation of awareness-raising activities a sense of belonging to the same environment can be achieved.

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Photo: JeaMY_Lee
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