New electric bicycle campaign launched (Belgium)

By News Editor / Updated: 20 Feb 2015
Commuting on bicycle

A campaign funded by the Flemish government hopes to encourage more commuters to use pedelecs (electric bicycles) rather than cars for getting to work.


Launched by Beglian mobility NGO Mobiel 21, the 'Nooit meer file' (No more traffic jams) campaign aims to get at least 1 000 commuters to start using pedelecs at least twice a week. The campaign is informed by a survey of 369 pedelec commuters in Flanders that was conducted last spring by Mobiel 21. It found that 46 per cent of respondents used to take a car to go to work, and 25 per cent claimed that using a pedelec was as fast or faster than using a car.


A dedicated campaign website lets users to calculate and compare the costs and savings of pedelecs versus cars, and access information, tips and testimonials about the benefits of pedelecs and how to buy or test them. Companies can also get information about support and subsidies for offering employees pedelecs rather than company cars. Mobiel 21 has also produced a video demonstrating how pedelecs can compete with cars in terms of speed, comfort, and enjoyment. 


The project is supported with over € 28 000 in funding from the Flemish government


For more information, visit (in Dutch).


Photo: Mobiel 21

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