New bridge for pedestrians, cyclists and buses opens in Poitiers (France)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
An important part of Poitier's bus system, the bridge took two years to complete at a cost of €28 million.
The bridge connects the city's TGV station and the city centre and features two lanes for buses, two for cyclists, a bus stop, and a pavement for pedestrians.

Acting as supporting infrastructure for the planned high performance bus system (BHNS) which will begin operation in 2017, the bridge also connects to an interchange at the train station which includes car and bicycle parking.

Poitiers' BNHS system will link the city centre with neighbourhoods to the west, and will comprise three routes, with lanes reserved solely for buses. This will allow more frequent services, with buses arriving every six to 11 minutes. The new bridge will save up to 30 minutes of travel time when the system goes into operation.

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Photo: Sébastien Laval, Ville de Poitiers
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