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New anti-lock braking technology for e-bikes unveiled

By News Editor / Updated: 28 Jul 2017

New anti-lock braking technology for use in e-bikes has been revealed by German company Bosch.

The system stops the front wheel from locking: sensors attached to the brakes inform the system when the front wheel might be about to lock. As Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, explains: "An Anti-lock Breaking System (ABS) regulates the braking pressure and thus optimises the stability and manoeuvrability".

With the package that contains the system only weighing 800g, it will have little impact on the weight of bikes it is installed on. The system is battery-powered, but low consumption levels mean the anti-lock braking system should continue to work for a time even when the battery has shut off power to the bike’s motor.

Trials will begin in Europe later this year, with the data collected from these used to refine the product further.

Two studies were also conducted to verify the technology's safety credentials. The first looked at over 500 bike accidents in Germany. Their main finding was that many accidents can be averted or made less severe with correct braking. When critical situations come about, ABS leads to more stable and effectively controlled braking.

After data from 5,400 bicycle collisions and falls, the second study found out that no braking occurs in up to 75 per cent of collisions. It suggested that up to 75% of e-bike accidents could be avoided through the use of ABS.

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Image credit: 07 E-bike Nockberge on Flickr by Bad Kleinkirchheim under CC BY 2.0.

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