A network of electric car charging stations is planned for Wroclaw (Poland)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The authorities of the city of Wroclaw (Poland) have announced that they are ready to begin the process of building a network of electric car charging stations. The city will cover 50% of the costs. The project is to be completed by 15th December 2011.
The city of Wroclaw is planning to spend 400 000 PLN (ca. €100 000) on the network of terminals for charging electric cars. The plan is to install 20 stations to begin with. It is estimated, one station will cost ca. 40 000 PLN (€10 000). One unit will include a post equipped with 3 plugs. Wroclaw authorities are ready to cover 50% of the overall costs to a maximum amount of 20 000 PLN (€5 000) per unit.

The owners of the stations will not be selling the electric energy, as this would require a special license. They will therefore operate the service of charging the accumulators. A contractor who takes part in the project will have to provide the plot for the station for at least 3 years. The cost of charging that the e-car drivers will face, is not yet known. A suggestion of the authorities is to provide a free of charge service during the start-up period, as has happened in Warsaw, where a similar project is in a more advanced phase.

Despite little interest being observed in electric cars so far, the Wroclaw city authorities want to follow future trends and be ready with the proper infrastructure as the popularity of electric cars grows.

Source: http://www.gazetawroclawska.pl (in Polish)
More information: http://www.motofakty.pl (in Polish)
Photo credits: Pawe Relikowski
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