Natural gas refuelling stations for heavy trucks in Tours and its suburbs (France)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Three natural gas refuelling stations will be operational in Tours by the end of 2012. The objective is to reduce pollution caused by heavy trucks.
The construction of Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV) refuelling stations for heavy trucks comes under the “Green growth” plan, settled by the prefecture. After a year and an half of planning the inter-community energy union of Indre-et-Loire (Sieil) launched, this summer, a delegation of public service for the construction and exploitation of three NGV refuelling stations in Tours and its suburbs.

Primarily aimed at refuelling heavy trucks, these terminals will be placed in a triangle around the city of Tours and should be operational by the end of 2012. In France, NGV is becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. The urban area of Bordeaux is the last to be equipped. The main objective is to reduce the emission of fine particles in the atmosphere: compared to a diesel truck, a truck running with NGV emits 95% less fine particles. This is an important argument in an agglomeration where public authorities are precisely constrained to revise the agglomeration atmosphere protection plan. According to Iveco-Cevi, which has already equipped Mans, Dunkerque, Lyon and Besançon with NGV trucks, in addition to the cleanliness, NGV engines are also much quieter than diesel trucks.

Photo : NR, Hugues Le Guellec
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