Nationwide charging station network for electric cars to be installed in Estonia (Estonia)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The nation’s first fast charging station for electric cars has been opened in Tallinn’s Ülemiste City technology park. The station is part of the nationwide charging station network that the state is setting up this year.
The network, funded by carbon credit sales revenue and developed by Zürich-based electrical engineering company ABB, will comprise 160 chargers at 140 stations around the country. The network should be ready by November. Use of the charging points will be free until the end of October. After that, customers who want to use the network will have to sign up for a service contract that will entail a monthly fee of about €10 and an additional €3 for each charge.

When the network is up and running, drivers will likely have to wait between 15 and 30 minutes for their batteries to be fully juiced up.

Jarmo Tuisk, Director of the Innovation and Technology Division at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, declares that the Estonian government would like to ensure that driving an EV in Estonia is as comfortable and safe as driving any other car. The country-wide innovative fast charging network with high quality services from ABB and its partners is essential in accomplishing that task.

The order from the Estonian government is Europe’s largest EV charging infrastructure contract to date and creates the world’s first fast-charging infrastructure with full nationwide coverage.

Source: Michelin Challenge Bibendum

Photo source: UBC/Maija Rusanen
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