Nantes applies to welcome Velo-city 2015 (France)

By Bernoit Beroud / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Nantes, the European 2013 Green capital, has applied to welcome Velo-city 2015. In support of the bid, a dedicated blog has been set up at
In 2013, Nantes will be awarded the status of European Green Capital. This is the culmination of a systematic approach to climate change in all public policies (transport, urban planning and environment). It is also a good basis for increasing the collective awareness of behavioural change in all aspects of daily life, such as waste, energy and mobility. In terms of mobility, cycling represents today the most credible alternative for short-distance journeys. Nantes Métropole has set ambitious targets with a 15% modal share by 2020, in compliance with the Charter of Brussels

To achieve this, the city has developed a methodology designed to contribute to the mainstreaming of active modes in all the projects of the urban community. Behavioural change should be accompanied by the appropriate infrastructure. In September 2012, Nantes will host the convention of the Cycling Départements and Regions Association, combined with a meeting of European members of Veloroutes and Greenways. In 2013, Nantes will also welcome the UITP members for a conference on sustainable mobility, before the massive influx, in August, of cyclotourists (15,000 participants are expected) for the International Cycling Week. A year of high achievement with the European Green Capital award, 2013 will also feature the world summit Ecocity, to be held in Nantes.

The city would like to continue the momentum by proposing to host the European Velo-city conference in 2015. By then, Nantes will have entered a crucial phase in the implementation of the urban mobility plan and it will be time to assess the action plan completed during the municipal term of office 2009/2014.

Jacques Garreau Nantes Métropole Vice-President
Walking and cycling