More EV charging points for Vilnius (Lithuania)

By News Editor / Updated: 19 Jan 2017

The Lithuanian capital of Vilnius is to install more charging stations to cater for the increasing numbers of electric vehicles on its streets.

Officials are planning to install five new fast-charging stations by this autumn, where cars will be able to recharge in just 25 minutes.

'Due to environmental problems, people are increasingly turning to electric cars. We see a great need for electric vehicle charging stations, the more that car-sharing companies are expanding the number of electric vehicles,'  said the deputy mayor of Vilnius, Linas Kvedaravičius.

Vilnius plans to install the charging stations by main roads entering and leaving the city.  

The preliminary cost of the project is € 273 000 – of which € 232 000 is provided by the European Union.

The city currently has three public electric vehicle charging stations for 250 electric vehicles owned by private residents and car-sharing companies.

It also allows electric vehicles to travel in bus lanes and exempts them from parking fees.

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Image copyright: Electric Car Charging, Nice, France (2) (image on Flickr) by "Mark", licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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