The Mayor of Vitória cycles around the city to measure cycling conditions (Brazil)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The Mayor of Vitória (Brazil), Luciano Rezende, accepted the TV Gazete invitation to cyle around the streets of Vitória to examine local cyling conditions.
The mayor started the audit in Saint Helena Beach Neighborhood and continued to cycle all the way to the city center. After the ride, the Mayor concluded that the city needs improvements in the cycling infrastructure, saying What caught my attention were the very deep holes that, for sure, do not make life easier for cyclists and could even cause terrible accidents. Therefore, we need to improve the asphalt on the streets. A hole that would only be a small inconvenience to a car, could lead to the fall and injury of the cyclist”

According to the mayor, the city will undergo enhancements and refurbishments, in order to improve mobility and promote the use of bicycles.

It is important to underline that Victoria possesses 29 kilometers of bicycle lanes, but frequent complaints have been heard from residents who criticise the lack of space for cyclers and inadequate infrastructure for safe use of this type of transport.

The cycling lanes will represent an important part of the mobility process of this city. Educational campaigns will be developed permanently. This is a process that must be consolidated within the city. Gradually and with the population’s support, cycling will be promoted as a healthy mean of transport. This will be put into practice by implementing bicycle sharing systems and by launching more cycling lanes, the mayor also stated.

Source and photo: (portuguese)
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