Massive human bicycle in Terrassa (Spain)

By Pau Vilaplana / Updated: 22 Sep 2016
massive human bike photo

The City of Terrassa, in Spain, in collaborationinfo-icon with BiciTerrassaClub, organised last Sunday 18 of September a popular ride as part of the EUROPEANMOBILITYinfo-iconWEEK actions. Around 500 people attended the meeting in the Plaça Nova and ride 8km around the city.

Before leaving the place, the participants concentrated to represent a huge bicycle, one of the largest ever carried out in Europe, claiming the efficiency and effectiveness of this vehicle as a mean of transport in the city.

The event was aimed at promoting two wheels as a way of getting round that is both healthy and helps reduce pollution in the city, trying to reduce emissions from motor vehicles.

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