Making the needs of cyclists, drivers and pedestrians compatible in Logroño (Spain)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
The city of Logroño will develop an ambitious plan during the next four years to coordinate the trips of cyclists, car drivers and pedestrians.
Firstly, a study of the current situation will be conducted and a process of dialogue and debate with all the affected users will be initiated. The plan will include measures to harmonise the co-existence of cyclists and pedestrians and improve existing bicycle lanes. The priority will be to reserve the “natural” space of the walkways for pedestrians. The cyclists will become users of the road space with the drivers respecting the cyclists. Signalling and safety will also be improved citywide.

Training is also an important component of the plan. The city’s children will receive special training and additional activities will be organised for residents on weekends. This plan will be integrated in the future sustainable urban mobility plan, which will be executed from 2012.

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