Madrid to invest in improving metro accessibility (Spain)

By News Editor / Updated: 17 Dec 2016

The city of Madrid’s metro operator, Metro de Madrid, is investing € 57 million to improve accessibility across its network.

Through 2017 and 2018, the organisation will install between 30 and 35 new elevators that will enter service between May and December 2018.

The company is continuing with the implementation of its Accessibility and Inclusion Plan 2016-2020, which aims to convert 73 per cent of the stations in the network into fully accessible stations for people with reduced mobility.

As part of this work, Metro de Madrid will also replace tactile pavements on the edges of platforms in a large part of the network and install Braille information panels.

In addition to the € 57 million for the elevators, this work is expected to require an investment of € 6.5 million.

The Metro Accessibility and Inclusion Plan – which won an award earlier this week from a Spanish foundation that promotes social inclusion - will also extend a staff training programme on how to support travellers with disabilities, or those who experience difficulties with understanding and orientation.

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Image copyright: Metro Banco (image on Flickr) by "Ramón Durán", licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0.

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