Luggage storage, bag check and home delivery (USA)

By Jan Christiaens / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
Cubby is a temporary store in which people can leave their personal and often heavy belongings. After opening last September, the initiative received positive feedback, and is now looking for a permanent home in Manhattan.
The idea is simple and stems from an everyday problem: why carry too much stuff around in the city? There are many reasons why people end up carrying heavy or bulky luggage around on a daily basis. People may find themselves with a huge number of bags after shopping; they may have to carry their gym gear around all day to avoid a special trip home to collect it; or a trip may necessitate dragging a suitcase around. People may need a place to put these heavy or numerous items for a short while so that they can navigate freely in the city centre. This is particularly true when people decide to walk and/or use public transport for trips to and from home.

To solve this problem Shaun So, an expert in intelligence, security and counterterrorism and former NYC bike messenger, and Paul Harrison, a former real estate asset manager, invented Cubby. Cubby is an inner-city luggage storage facility combined with a courier service. It also offers a mobile phone application for booking space. Cubby uses this mobile technology alongside a trusted brand image to make urban travel simple, affordable and safe.

After receiving positive feedback from the media, tourists and New Yorkers, the pop-up initiative is becoming a permanent service in NYC. Cubby will keep its pop-up location at 303 Park Ave South open until the end of November then move to another, permanent central address.

Cubby prices are US $5.00 (€3.50) to store a carry-on sized bag and US $8.00 (€5.90) for any piece of luggage larger than a carry-on for a 24-hour period. Those choosing to make a reservation through Cubby’s mobile application for iPhone and Android (available for free on the Cubby website) will automatically receive a discount of US $1.00 (7o Euro cents) on each bag.

Clients may choose to return to the store and collect their belongings or to receive them at another suitable location. The bike delivery service costs an extra US $10.00 (€7.30). So and Harrison have expanded their bike couriering perimeter in order to keep pricing affordable. For out-of-the-way destinations including airports, Cubby runs in partnership with a luxury car service to get their customers, and their bags, where they need to be.

A service like Cubby is particularly attractive to car-free and active people in liveable city centres, and helps to support an alternative to car-intensive shopping malls in peripheral areas.

For more information on the system, watch the recent video from ABC Channel 7 or visit the Cubby website and blog.

Source: Eltis Correspondent TRT
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