Łódź to prioritise pedestrian mobility (Poland)

By News Editor / Updated: 14 Apr 2016

The city council of Łódź has adopted a resolution that will ensure that pedestrians have a priority in moving around the city and at traffic intersections.

Plans include widening pavements, improving surfaces, installing green spaces and so-called urban furniture.

The city is also considering creating a municipal post or forming a committee to oversee matters related to pedestrian mobility.

‘Pedestrians often die at pedestrian crossings, that’s why we need an audit of these crossings,’ said councillor Urszula Niziołek-Janiak, who drafted the resolution with her colleague councillor Bartosz Domaszewicz.

‘The [city’s] traffic flow control system is not adapted for pedestrians and this needs to change,’ she told local newspaper Dziennik Łódzki (in Polish).

The work to launch Łódź’s public bicycle sharing system is also gathering pace.

The city recently finished the installation of 25 bike-sharing stations across the city, with that number set to double by the end of April.

The public bike-sharing system, which will be officially launched in May, will have 1 000 bicycles available for residents, who will need to register online to use the service.

For more information, visit onet.pl (in Polish).

Image copyright: Łódź city council

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