'Live, don’t drive' - communication campaign in Milan (Italy)

By Raf Canters / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A communication campaign has been launched by the Province of Milano, together with Autoguidovie, in order to convince residents to choose the bus as an easy, time-saving, environmentally friendly and relaxing means of travelling.
Live, do not drive is the slogan of the campaign, which will be displayed on board the bus fleet of Autoguidovie, the company for suburban services in the south west of Milan. It is an invitation to residents to reconsider their mobility habits by making them aware of the benefits of public transport compared to private car use. The message is: “You don’t not need to drive. You can actively contribute to a significant reduction in pollutant emissions, you have more time to read a book, to phone a friend or just to relax listening to your favourite music while you are easily brought where you need to be”.

Other accompanying measures have been developed with a focus on security: on-board CCTV cameras, high quality monitors for travel information, and compulsory front-access for passengers in order to prevent unauthorised travels (drivers can check tickets more easily). Users’ cooperation is of course needed. During the campaign, tutors will help passengers at the bus stops by showing the right way to get on the bus (at the front), answering frequently asked questions and handing out leaflets. Special advertisements will also be posted on board with the following claim “If we all pay, the service will continue to grow; if we all pay, public transport won’t die!”.

Mobility Councillor Mr De Nicola of the Province of Milano, says: “we try to ensure greater security to commuters and users both when they are waiting at the stops and when they are on board.” He adds: “we will do our best in paving the way to these innovative measures: they may soon be implemented in other transport services of the Province of Milano, with the target to encourage citizens to the public transport service to their own private mode.”

Source: http://www.clickmobility.it/mobility/permalink/milano-tpl-con-live-don-t-drive-maggiore-sicurezza-per-i-pendolari.action (in Italian)

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