Linking carpooling with public transport in Val de Saône (France)

By Lewis Macdonald / Updated: 01 Aug 2014
A new scheme serving villages north of the city of Lyon will help people to access public transport through carpooling.
Carpooling is a popular method of reducing the number of vehicles on the road, but a new initiative will see it resembling public transportation more than ever. The area of Val de Saône is located 15km north of Lyon (France) and is part of the city’s metropolitan region. Cars remain the primary means of transport, despite train and bus links to the villages.

However, one factor that limits use of public transportation is the distances between train stations and bus terminuses and workplaces, usually between two and five kilometres. Therefore, a method of spontaneous carpooling called Stop Covoiturage has been implemented. Carpooling meeting points function almost like a traditional public transport stop, where pedestrians using public transportation can meet private car users going in their direction.

Pedestrians and drivers register with on the Stop Covoiturage website, and receive a free user kit including a sticker for cars and a backpack for pedestrians, which identifies them as participating in the scheme. Having been selected by the European Commission for inclusion in the Do The Right Mix Campaign, the service aims to change the behaviour of people in the local area over the long term.

For more information, click here (in French).

Photo: WiserEarthFlickr, Flickr